Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free Program to Inspire Your Inner Journey

Stress is everywhere. Is it not? Now more than ever, it is important to create a practice that helps you go within to maintain balance and serenity in your life. And it is equally as important to surround yourself with images and words that will inspire and uplift your soul.

That is why I created Enchant ~ Designs for the Soul, where I provide art, words and wisdom to inspire your inner journey with my unique artistic journals, as well as a FREE program to help you use your journals to transform your life.
Enchant journals contain original, breathtaking artwork that are intended to help you feel uplifted and inspired. Plus, my online store allows you to add some personalization options for you or the person you are buying for.
But I have taken this a huge step further by offering a FREE program to go with your journals that allows you to receive journaling tips, ideas and inspirations so that you can make journaling a transformative experience to inspire your inner journey.

Sign up for the free program today by going to and registering in the upper right corner. 

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