Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get the Goodness Part 2: Be Part of What is Good in the World

Continuing on in the Free Inspire Your Inner Journey program, this is part 2 of a 3-part series about the getting good things in life. (For part 1, click here: )

To have good things in life, it is important to be part of the goodness that exists in the world. How can one expect goodness in their life if they are not contributing to that goodness each day? It all goes hand in hand.

It is also important to make your decisions from the highest place possible. When you have a choice to make, weigh the options and ask if they are based on the highest good for everyone involved. Your gut will know the answer.

Last week, you wrote in your journal about all the things you are grateful for that are good in your life. This week, take some time to write about how you want to contribute to that goodness. For example, if you are grateful for the compassion you get from your husband, ask yourself how you can give him more compassion back. If you are grateful for the delicious meal you had last night, ask yourself how you can help someone else have a delicious meal as well. Get creative and you’ll start to feel passionate about your ideas, and you’ll be the catalyst for spreading goodness all around you!

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