Friday, October 14, 2011

Break Out of the Blues With Authenticity – Week 2: Express Your Soul

Continuing in the Inspire Your Inner Journey program, we are in week 2 of 4 in the Break Out of the Blues With Authenticity segment. If you missed week one, click here:

Last week, we focused on how we hold back our authenticity and the damage that does in our lives. This week, we want to focus on expressing your authenticity more freely. To me, the soul is the source of authenticity. Everyone has a personality (or ego) and everyone has a soul. Our personalities can change as we go through life, but our souls do not. The soul can grow, but that growth only leads to the soul expressing more deeply what is inside of it.

When you are being authentic, you are allowing your soul to sing. You have probably met people whose souls are singing. You will recognize them as those people who look radiant and seem to have a passion for life. They are the people for whom everything seems to just fall into place. That is because when we are living more from the soul instead of the ego, we are expressing true beauty out into the world. We aren’t fighting against what we are meant to be, so things happen more easily for us, and since we are not feeling stifled, we are happier. Authenticity is never perfect, but is always beauty.

In your journal this week, jot down some times in your life when you have felt that inner song; when you knew you were being fully authentic and it felt incredible. Throughout the week, look for more moments like that and record those also.

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